The system error with mobile Roulette: Instructions and information

A rumor has been circulating for weeks that there is supposed to be a working system error in mobile roulette. This time there was actually something to it. I explain the application of the “trick” in this article.

As already described in the article “The big scam with slot machine tricks and system errors” , I consider 100 percent of all tricks that are sold on the Internet for more or less money to be a rip-off and it is not really worth buying something like this. Usually you get instructions like this, which of course do not work with live private blackjack games:   

    “For the strategy to work, open the coin of € 6 at Book of Ra and let it spin 10 times to 10 cents. If two researchers came now, immediately switch to 50 cents and let the game continue. If no 5 books / researchers came, change the machine. “

The instructions for the “system errors” that are sold on the Internet were designed in a similar way. The other trick is to bring inactive electronic waste to the man.

But now there was actually a system error in the new mobile  roulette version, which actually worked. The roulette was deactivated on all mobile magic machines as soon as it became known and even via Merkur “My Top Game”, the game is currently no longer available.

If everything went well, profits should be credited from now on, but losses should not be deducted.

No need to run back to the arcade in UK casinos

As already mentioned, roulette was deactivated as soon as the system error became known and developers from Gauselmann AG are already fixing this error.

I myself checked out all of the games stores in the Stuttgart area and even drove to the last corner bars in small villages. Merkur’s roulette was deactivated everywhere. Of course, you still play a little bit and as was to be expected offline with the puny payout ratio, I made a total of 300 € losses in search of a machine – and with no chance of a reasonable profit.

The best trick is to play online

Players who outsmart machines in the long term and at least want to cause a system error at the local game stores should look for their luck on the Internet. Of course, losses are preprogrammed there in the long term, but you play, due to the lower costs, with a payout ratio of over 90 percent (game library unknown but max. 75%), which in the long term and with normal gaming leads to fewer losses and now and then should lead to really big profits. With a lot of luck, you could at least theoretically become a millionaire if you hit a million jackpot – without any tricks or mobile system errors.